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 Important information

STAGE 1 – Registrations of the countries

  • Deadline for Team Registration is January 29, 2016.

We ask all the countries willing to send their teams to the 22.nd FCI FH WC to send the correctly filled in Team Registration Form (you can download the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM HERE) on our e-mail address ipo-fh2016@uku.com.ua before January 29, 2016.
After this date the registration will not be accepted.

  • Please, together with the registration form send us the name and the photo of the team leader or a contact person and his/her e-mail address for further communication.      
  • Please indicate the quantity of the team members.
STAGE 2 – Registrations of team members
  • Deadline for the Team Members (Handlers) Registration is March 14, 2016.

We ask all the participating countries to send the correctly filled in Team Members Registration Forms (you can download the TEAM MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM HERE) on our e-mail address ipo-fh2016@uku.com.ua before March 14, 2016.
After this date the registration will not be accepted.
The Team Members Registration Forms must be accompanied by:

  • official authorization letter of the National Canine Organization – FCI member providing the information about the dogs and handlers delegated to represent the country;
  • information about the dogs with the copy of pedigree, cerological test certificate for each dog, the name of handler, owner, including substitute;
  • a photo of each team member. The size of the photo should be minimum 3.5 x 5 cm/300 dpi = 413 x 591 PPI (pixels per inch) = 1.5 x 2 inch/300 dpi, only in jpg, png, gif, psd, tif or pdf formats;
  • photo copy of the registration fee payment.
  • Entry form is valid after the payment of entry fee of 100 Euro for each team member.

The entry payments are accepted ONLY by the wire transfers on the bank account of Ukrainian Kennel Union. Please, indicate in your transaction bank details of ALL THREE BANKS below and make sure that we receive the exact sum of money and not less due to the banks' fees.


(in your transaction you must indicate the bank details of ALL THE THREE banks below)


Account number: 26000121225
Name: Ukrainian Kennel Union
Address: Rognidynska str. 3,
Kyiv 01004, Ukraine


Yerevanskaya Str., 1, Kyiv, Ukraine


NeueMainzerStrasse 32-36
60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Team leaders will hand CD with their national anthem and their state flag (about 2x1 m in size) to the organizers during the registration.
  • Bitches in heat must be reported at the registration.
  • Use of any forbidden training aids is strictly prohibited at the premises of the event, including the training areas.