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The 22-nd FCI World Championship for Tracking Dogs will be held on April 7 – 10, 2015 in Mukachevo, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.
Ukrainian Kennel Union invites all the dog sports fans to come to one of the most picturesque places of the Western Ukraine – charming Zakarpattia that will definitely impress every guest with the greatness of its ancient castles and sublime beauty of Carpathian Mountains.
Welcome to Mukachevo!

Georgiy Onischenko
President of Ukrainan Kennel Union
Frans Jansen
President of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission

Frans Jansen - President of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission 
Dear colleagues!
Let me congratulate you with the opening of the 22.nd FCI IPO-FH World Championship!
It is for the first time when Ukraine has got such an honor! And there are many reasons for that.
Despite the fact that recent times are very hard for our country and people, that the economic crisis touched all the spheres of our life, Ukrainian Kennel Union achieved great successes in all the fields of cynology including the sports with dogs. And it allowed our country to become one of the leading cynological countries of the world.
Ukrainian Kennel Union is the most numerous and prestigious Ukrainian organization which is occupied with the stud breeding and protection of the pure-bred dogs. It unites more than 250 thousand members – the skilled professionals and canine masters. Nowadays UKU has more than 300,000 dogs of 260 breeds. Ukrainian dogs are repeatedly becoming the winners of different international dog shows, championships and competitions. Yearly UKU organizes great quantity of international, national, regional and special dog shows as well as the breed championships, sports competitions, cynological seminars and other events in different cities of Ukraine. Many Ukrainian dogs won the European and World dog shows which is the result of the hard work of Ukrainian cynologists. Ukrainian Kennel Union is actively cooperating with the legislative and executive authorities, including the partnership with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Customs Service of Ukraine.
Ukrainian Kennel Union has rendered 40 dogs of utility breeds to the state custom and border guard services of Ukraine, and now they are serving, protecting and defending our borders with their older companions both in peace and war times. And it is just the beginning of the long-term cooperation between UKU and border guards, which has lasted already for over a year. It demonstrates the practical application of our dogs’ sports training skills with the help of which hundreds of lives were saved.
Sports with dog has become very popular in our country for the last decade which is the result of the hard work of our sportsmen who consistently, step by step are moving to their goal across the territories and different obstacles. But now the "green light" has been opened and full support has been provided for them. The UKU Qualification commission on working qualities, sports and koerung is working successfully. Every year the Ukrainian sports team takes part in the world championships with great successes. The WUSV World Championship was successfully held in 2011 in Kyiv region. Of course, it is a merit of our outstanding sportsmen first of all, and due to it we have the honor today to accept such an outstanding competition as the 22.nd FCI IPO-FH World Championship for Tracking Dogs here in Ukraine.
Such extensive and authoritative competitions are always a holiday. Moreover, it is organized in one of the most colorful places of Ukraine – an ancient and hospitable town Mukachevo. Both professionals and just fans of this difficult and extraordinary kind of sports are looking forward to this Championship. All the sportsmen will do their best to protect the sportive honor of their countries and it means that we will have a competitive and vibrant marathon, where the real professional skills, Spartan hardiness and strive for the victory will win!
I wish you all the interesting tracks, records in the fields, acquiring professional experience and putting your national flag on the top of the 22.nd IPO-FH World Championship!

Georgiy Onishchenko
President of Ukrainian Kennel Union

Frans Jansen - 
President of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission 
The international tracking dog sport finds its yearly high point in the FCI World Championship for Tracking Dogs. The 2016 FCI World Championship will take place in Mukachevo, Ukraine.

The beautiful city of Mukachevo in the heart of Zakarpatta, hidden in the valley of the Latorica river, is near to the border of Slovakia.

The permanent, sport-orientated training of our tracking dogs from the lowest up to the highest level of a world championship, offers useful information to all responsible and success-oriented breeders. In addition it is a demonstration of a dog’s stability and obedience under the pressure of the public eye.

All dog handlers, especially those entering this competition, prove that training dogs is worthwhile and fun also for both, dog and dog handler.

Organizing a world championship requires many days and long hours of preparation, voluntary work and a lot of effort. At this point I want to thank our host and his teams who did all this work.

I wish all the best to all competitors, who managed to pass through qualifications in their home

countries. I also whish the best of luck to the judges who need a wealth of experience and a full measure of objectivity in order to be able to observe and mark the competitors fairly.

I hope all the competitors, guest and friends of dog sport will enjoy their stay in Mukachevo and experience the hospitality of the Ukraine people first-hand.

May the competition run smoothly and according to plan and may it be success.